In a global marketplace and a competitive world, companies and organizations are always looking for the competitive edge to help them rise above their competition and prove themselves as arbiters of the 21st century. These organizations need highly skilled and effective members that can promote their message and achieve this vision. For the purpose of fulfilling this burning need, we have implemented the functionality of an exhaustive group management feature on our site.

Organizations that join a Buffet will be able to add, remove and edit a number of their members at will, creating accounts that have full access to the features available to individual users on the site. For members of the organization, they will be able to interact and benefit from the site in the same manner as any other user, treated with the care and professionalism that comes from being a Buffet user. For the organization, extensive aggregated and individually compiled statistics, graphs and data will be at the organization’s beck and call, allowing them to track progress, identify weak points or strengths, and be assured that the organization’s resources are not being squandered.

Each Buffet is equipped with the following Group features:

1.User Management

Organizations are in full control of a set of users on the site, and are able to remove and add users within their member limit freely. Organizations can easily handle rotating their membership allotment to different members of the organization, replacing advanced members who have finished their preparation with incoming ones at will.

2. Aggregate Data Summary

A selection of graphs and data summarizing performance is displayed here, to allow organizations to quickly gain an understanding of their members performance and the nature of their studies in an easily digestible format. Aggregate data can also display information on the collective organization’s performance relative to other organizations on the site.

3.Member Performance Review

All performance data for individual members of the company can be accessed and reviewed here. This is the raw data for the individual members, the same data available for them to review in their own accounts. Individual graphs and charts for all data can be generated here as well.

For those interested in our Buffet Group Membership program, please contact us through the site, and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your group’s educational goals and needs.