The HSK, or the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (汉语水平考试) is the chief Chinese Mandarin examination within and outside of the People’s Republic of China. Used to demonstrate command over Mandarin for the purposes of entering universities within China, both international students and PRC nationals less familiar with standard Mandarin Chinese are the typical audience for this exam. Examination results are often accepted for college credits within universities in the United States, and are accepted by many companies as prove of familiarity or fluency in the Chinese Mandarin language.

The exam is offered throughout China, Europe, Asia and North America, generally wherever a Confucius Institute is available to administer the examination with test sites growing daily, although the number of times the test is administered in a region can vary and sometimes the test is only available once or twice a year. The exam lasts between 40 and roughly 2 hours, depending on the level of the examination, and the fee for the exam can be anywhere between $20 and $100. An HSK Oral component is available as well for testing Speaking, and lasts between 10 and 14 minutes while costing between $20--$40 depending on the level of the HSK Oral exam. At XufuEducation.com, instructors are prepared to guide you through the process of preparing for the HSK, and receiving official certification as smoothly and easily as possible.

HSK Levels

On the day you register your test, you can choose to take one of 6 different levels to test your Chinese ability. On XufuEducation.com, the HSK1—4 examinations are currently covered, with more to come soon, allowing you to rise up to an advanced level of Chinese Mandarin by passing the HSK 4 examination.


Unlike many English examinations, the HSK does not make use of lengthy reading passages during the examination, with passages rarely exceeding a paragraph or two even on the highest levels of the test. Questions in the reading section of the HSK primarily involve matching sentences with answers, pictures for lower levels, and testing vocabulary and, at higher levels, sentence structures. At XufuEducation.com, instructors have categorized questions for each HSK level, allowing students to drill and prepare for the exam carefully, and each are explained clearly through instructional videos.

A revolutionary instructional app for the web and mobile is also available for training users starting at any level (even no knowledge of Chinese) to learn the HSK vocabulary, pinyin and Chinese characters needed to pass the exam at any level, 1—6.


While taking the HSK, you will encounter conversational dialogue spoken by native Mandarin speakers, though at lower levels this often consists of a few words, sometimes just one. XufuEducation.com contains a full set of listening dialogues with transcripts spoken by speakers from northern China and southern China, allowing you to train your ears to catch a full range of possible sounds in the language.


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of Chinese, the writing section is surprisingly straightforward, as this section does not consist of essays but rather sentence formation questions and other short answer type questions, often consisting of one character at lower levels. At XufuEducation.com, instructors stand ready to grade your writing, and provide pointers on how to improve your expressive ability and help you achieve your goals of mastering this ancient tongue.

For those interested, the art of writing Chinese and Chinese characters in general, lessons are available to teach this in a surprisingly simple and straightforward manner, aiding memory of characters even if handwriting itself is not tested on the exam.

In addition to all of the above, each Buffet site is equipped with a similar set of features and plans that is also included on XufuEducation.com! [What is that exactly?]

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