The IELTS is the premier English-language examination offered by the British Council, with strong connections to the British government. The exam is meant to test command of American or British English, but is focused on a less academic and more practical testing methodology than the TOEFL, its chief competing test; the Speaking portion of the exam involves a conversation with the test proctor, rather than recording one’s voice for a computer, for instance.

The IELTS is taken worldwide, and is accepted throughout the British Commonwealth as well as the United States, though in many areas it is still less accepted and popular than the TOEFL, particularly for those aspiring to study in North America. The exam costs roughly $250 to take, and can therefore get quite expensive to take multiple times. hosts a set of videos, interactive questions and simulated examinations all designed to help you to both become familiar with the examination, and excel while taking it.


Many exams include a listening section, and the IELTS is no different in this regards. Portions of lengthy listening passages are played, followed by a subset of the total questions for that passage, requiring less memory than with the TOEFL in which the entire passage is read followed by the full set of questions. prepares students for this different format both through individual question sets, and the simulated listening exam.


During the IELTS, you will be introduced to lengthy reading passages on a wide variety of topics, but unlike other exams the question types presented tend towards matching and fill-in-the-blank style questions rather than multiple choice ones, requiring a greater ability to scan documents than might be expected. With a wide variety of difficulties and categorized into each encountered type, the questions on can prepare you for the unique challenges you’ll find when taking the IELTS.


Largely unique to the IELTS as well is the Speaking section, which involves a guided conversation with a test proctor. Through out innovative testing system, this process is simulated with a great degree of accuracy, with our instructors providing feedback to recorded answers to questions, and questions timed and selected based on your feedback during the testing process. A perfect simulation is only possible in person, however, and arrangements can be made to have our instructors create this for you over Skype.


Finally, the writing section on the IELTS is relatively straightforward, but still requires a great degree of control over the English language, and familiarity with essay-writing structure. Our instructors stand ready to grade and critique your essays, and help you advance your writing skills to the heights of your potential.

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