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Many students all over the world want to acquire practical, real-world skills in environments that test, challenge, and hone their abilities in ways their home country never could. For these students, the English-speaking world in particular holds a particularly great appeal, with top-ranking universities, beautiful countrysides and world-class businesses calling to them as they dream of what their futures could hold. The only academic obstacle in their way is the standardized exam, in this case either the TOEFL or the IELTS.

The TOEFL, the most widely accepted examination in North America, is the most popular examination for our students to take, although it presents quite a challenge to the unprepared student: many of its question formats can seem quite unfamiliar or exotic, with the speaking section in particularly troubling even those with a natural command of the language. For our students, we recommend becoming deeply familiar with the examination and its structure, and practicing thoroughly before taking this exam on AdmissionsBuffet.com.

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For those seeking an alternative to the TOEFL, or those more interested in studying in English-speaking countries outside of North America such as the U.K., Australia or New Zealand, the IELTS provides an effective alternative. More focused on practical communication and with a more student-friendly structure, we generally recommend students who are able to do so to take the IELTS, particularly those having difficulty with the TOEFL. Accepted in most of the United States and Canada, it is the examination with the widest coverage, although it can be difficult to setup an examination or find information on the test as compared to the TOEFL.

Not to worry, however, as we have compiled extensive information on the examination that will help you sign up for and master it at UKBuffet.com

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