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Many graduates, after entering the workforce for a few years, begin to long for their college days and dream of ways to improve themselves by restarting their academic, intellectual, or vocational development. Some college students, eager to get a leg up on their competition in a tight marketplace, also decide to continue their studies while they are in peak form rather than suspend their studies when they know that they will return again in a few years.

For them, there are numerous paths available to them, but of these paths, the most common involve tackling either the GMAT or the GRE.

The GRE is the standard admissions exam accepted by graduate schools across North America, and is often accepted by business schools as well. Designed similarly to the SAT, it is a more knowledge-focused examination that requires the development of an extensive vocabulary, as well as a deep understanding of secondary-school mathematics. To prepare fully for the exam and drill this knowledge until it is deep in your bones, we recommend our students to visit

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The GMAT is the exam required by business schools and management programs, and is highly analytical and logic-focused; for example, the verbal portion tends not to test vocabulary so much as critical reasoning skills and the ability to avoid being tricked or misled. For most students, international or otherwise, the GMAT is generally a more difficult examination than the GRE, and is only recommended for those focusing on business school, or really struggling with the vocabulary section of the GRE in particularly. For those aspiring students willing to take on the exam, however, we recommend them to visit, and fully familiarize themselves with test strategies and structures before taking on the exam.

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