The TOEIC was designed to test students abilities to communicate using English outside of an academic setting, and in a more practical, business and corporate environment. Those with scores falling in higher tiers of the examination can be considerate certifiably able to survive and prosper in an English-speaking corporate or other business environment.

This exam is accepted and taken primarily in Japan, South Korea, and France but is used by companies throughout the world to test their employee’s ability to understand and utilize the English language. The traditional, Listening/Reading exam lasts about 2 and a half hours and costs about $50 to take. In recent years, the TOEIC SW test has been promoted, consisting of a supplementary Speaking/Writing exam that lasts about an hour and twenty minutes and costs about $100 to take.

Students seeking to prepare for the TOEIC or even the TOEIC SW can find everything they need to bone up for the test at EigoBuffet.com, helping them push their score to the next level.

Listening (Parts 1—4) [TOEIC]

The Listening portion of the TOEIC exam consists of 4 parts covering descriptive ability, conversations, speeches, and simple question-response formats. All of these are covered by EigoBuffet.com, either as part of a simulated examination or as individual stand-alone questions that can be solved and reviewed, with explanations available from our instructors.

Reading (Parts 5—7) [TOEIC]

The remaining time spent on the TOEIC is in the reading section, which covers grammar, text completion, and reading comprehension questions. For all questions in EigoBuffet in every section, multiple difficulty levels are provided such that you can start with simpler passages and questions and graduate at your own pace or with the help of an instructor up to higher difficulty levels and you train your ability to absorb key points and critical information from larger and longer passages.

Speaking [TOEIC – SW]

While the TOEIC SW speaking section is only twenty minutes and is therefore less intimidating than the traditional TOEIC, this means that there is less time in which to demonstrate command of the English language. On the EigoBuffet.com site, we provide a recording kit similar to that of the real exam, allowing you to be fully prepared before test day. Instructors stand ready to grade your audio, and provide comments and notes either in plain text or through videos.

Writing [TOEIC – SW]

The writing portion of the TOEIC SW is around 60 minutes, and consists of a series of questions, and an opinion essay. Just like the Speaking section, EigoBuffet.com instructors can provide grading, and comments in plain text or videos to help you identify ways to improve your writing skills on this portion of the exam.

In addition to all of the above, each Buffet site is equipped with a similar set of features and plans that is also included on EigoBuffet.com! [What is that exactly?]

More information can be found on EigoBuffet.com directly.