The TOEFL tests students on their ability to understand academic English, and ensure that they have a minimum level of understanding of the language to be able to comfortably sit through lectures in a native English-speaking environment.
The exam is accepted and taken worldwide, and can even be used to demonstrate English proficiency for the purposes of acquiring Australian and UK visas. The exam lasts about two and a half to three hours, and fees for the test vary, but generally hover around $250 a pop, making it quite expensive to retake the test again and again. provides the guided toolkit needed to begin preparation for this exam, and limit the number of attempts needed to acquire a great score.



The TOEFL contains lengthy passages voiced by native English speakers that challenge listeners to catch and understand key pieces of information, and answer a series of 5—6 questions. Questions on our site developed following this model prepare students in the comfort of their homes, or on the commute to work before being challenged by the test come test day.


Like many exams, a portion of the TOEFL is devoted to testing reading comprehension. Unlike many exams, the passages are quite lengthy and involve multiple questions per passage in a range of question types that we have identified and will help break down these otherwise massive question sets.


The TOEFL speaking section involves recording audio, and speaking to a computer, and through the Buffet system this section is simulated with near perfection, lacking only the room in which the test is conducted. You or your instructors can review the audio stored on the site, and a human grade can be provided for speaking questions, or even the full speaking portion of the examination.


During the TOEFL exam, students will need to write two essays, one with extensive information provided to which you will need to respond, and one with a simpler structure. Both are represented in the system, and just as with the speaking portion of the exam, essays can be reviewed later, and submitted to our instructors for grades, either with plain text or video explanation.


In addition to all of the above, each Buffet site is equipped with a similar set of features and plans that is also included on! [What is that exactly?]

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