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There are so many standardized examinations in the world, that it’s tough to keep count! While our buffets primarily focus on the most popular English language examinations, many also like to study and develop skills beyond this subset of world knowledge, and to aid them in this purpose we have partnered with other companies to provide Buffets on an even wider range of topics.

The HSK is the chief Chinese Mandarin examination of the People’s Republic of China, and is required for admission to Chinese universities; even native speakers of other Chinese dialects are sometimes required to take this exam to demonstrate their understanding of Mandarin. The exam is split into several levels, testing understanding of vocabulary and structure, as well was writing ability. A separate HSK Oral examination is available to test speaking skills. For students interested in learning the most popular first language on Earth, we recommend that they visit, watch the extensive video collection there, and practice until they dream in hanzi.

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