About the Buffet

Throughout our lives, we run into situations over and over again when we need to prove ourselves in what can be one of the most frustrating ways possible: on a standardized exam.

Our philosophy is that students can achieve anything, including passing these life tests more than satisfactorily as long as they are given all of the resources and structure necessary to do so.

With the Buffet Educational System, we have designed what we are confident can make the task of passing the test with the right score as painless and surprisingly enjoyable as possible. Each Buffet site shares similar features and a similar structure, but is dedicated specifically to a single exam, or a single exam series; we believe in a dedicated approach to one test at a time, to maximize results from our students in the shortest time possible.

Our company, based in Tokyo, Japan, has been in the education business for a long time, providing educational support to aspiring students in the United States for years before realizing that there must be a better way to support our students and prepare them for exams beyond the traditional limits imposed upon us. After myriad designs, redesigns, modifications, and adjustments, the Buffet system has emerged as our undisputed premier approach to educational development.

To any and all looking for a better way to study, and achieve what you know is possible with just the right help, we welcome you and couldn’t be more confident to recommend one of our Buffet sites for you to frequent.